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IP Rights and Royalty 
Management Platform

Automate Rights Management, Royalty and Revenue Management, Business Analytics, and Distribution

The Most Powerful SaaS for Rightsholders, Licensors and Licensee

Revolutionize Your Business Operations
with Advanced Automation

Introducing an ecosystem designed for all players on the media market. You can manage rights for any type of licensed content, calculate royalties, consolidate financial reports for your companies and counterparts, engage in deals, and distribute content through the Rightscreen licensing marketplace.

Rights and Royalty Management
  • Metadata Management

  • Licensing Contracts History

  • Financial Management and Automated Royalty Calculations for Rightsholders

  • Reports and Analytics

Licensing Marketplace
  • One-click marketplace submission

  • Content search with available licenses

  • Direct interaction with rights holders

  • Digital licensing contracts

Music Business
Film Industry and TV
Licensing Business
Book Publishing
Photo and Images Business

Works with All Types of Content

Where is it Suitable?

MediaRights Revolution is a unique platform that brings together all participants of the media market, addressing a wide range of user tasks.

Authors, performers,
and rights holders

Receive royalties from international societies, transparent reporting, fair payments, and direct distribution to major global platforms.

Distributors, aggregators,
audio stocks

Build a new service or offer new opportunities to your clients and earn up rebates. Seamless API integration with your service.

Music labels, publishers,

Automate artist management and content distribution processes. Reduce operational expenses for reporting and analytics. Scale without increasing your workforce.

Digital platforms

Broadcast scheduling, copyright management, and instant reporting to collecting societies, licenses expiry notifications.

Feel Free to Start!

Our team will provide support 24/7, 365 days a year.
We will help you get started with the platform to streamline the management of your rights.

Explore how the platform can transform your business, aid in optimizing operational costs. Take action today and stay ahead of the competition!

User support via chat and phone, a forum for discussion and finding answers. MediaRights Revolution streamlines implementation, ensuring a smooth process at every stage.

We're always ready to help you!

MR2's flexibility is tailored to meet the demands of intricate business processes, and its customization options effectively streamline tasks throughout your organization.

Discover the nuances of rights management and advanced platform usage with MediaRights course. Highly recommended for top media companies post-training.


Our company experts will facilitate a turnkey implementation of MediaRights Revolution within minimal timeframes. Throughout our collaboration, we'll stand by your side, aiding in adaptation and transformation, providing training, and ensuring qualified support.

Smart and flexible

Discover a platform that offers unique opportunities to users.
The functionality, built on practical management experience, establishes a productive environment for the growth of your business.


Functional catalog with media content metadata, rights structure and contract terms helps to manage all your assets

Rights Availability

Powerful report builder for tracking rights availability and expiration is essential for broadcasting and sales planning.

Financial and
Revenue Management

Automation of royalty calculations, even for the most complex cases will free your accountant

Finance Reporting

The ability to generate any income/expenditure report for various client requirements and dimensions. Multicurrency support.

and Transcoding

Storage and delivery of content to licensees in accordance with the terms of licensing contracts. Secured screening with watermarks

Task and Approval

Internal and external tasks for managing business workflow. Automation of contract, license, and other document approvals.


Marketplace integrated with rights management platform - offering the sale of media content rights to global buyers. One-click catalog publication.

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