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Multifunctional system

Rights and Distribution

Game Changer

Streamline Rights Management, Licensing Contracts, Royalties, Accounting, Business Analytics, and Distribution

The Most Powerful SaaS for Rightsholders, Licensors and Licensee

Efficient Rights Management

Buy and Sell Rights with a Single Click

Feel the seamless control over intellectual property rights with MediaRights Revolution. Get it pre-configured or customize your account to meet your exact demands. Matchless functionality grants you full control over IP rights, the ability to forge profitable licensing agreements, and real-time tracking of all alterations. Shield your intellectual property and amplify your revenues!

Licensing in One Click!

Streamlined rights management, licensing transactions, and terms control

Transparent rights tracking and conversion across various jurisdictions.

Automatic rights availability check upon creating sales deals

Rights Management

Rights Validation 

Rights Availability

How to Get Started
with MediaRights Revolution?

1. Gather your data to MR2 

Choose Industry and Register

Get a MediaRights Revolution configuration tailored to music, film distribution, or licensing. Customize your account to fit your specific requirements.

Departments and Users Setup

Effortlessly control internal access rights and involve partners. Set up departments, establish hierarchical structures, and manage employee permissions.

Publish your content

Catalog: Your intellectual property—copyrighted and licensed assets. Import from XLS or manually input, with autofill options from international databases

2. Manage Rights and Licenses

Add License Agreements

License agreements define the scope of acquired or sold rights. Add deals manually or import from XLS files. Sign digital licensing contracts with other platform members.

Define Rights for Assets

Information on rights holders' shares or licensing deals defines your rights to catalog assets. The platform will recalculates rights based on purchased and sold licenses.

Register copyright object rights

Protect your rights using the deposit service. We validate originality, record ownership shares, and provide ownership evidence for legal disputes

3. Automate Financial Calculations

Generate Reports and Analytics

Reports for rights holders will be automatically created and sent based on reporting periods. Analytical reports assist in evaluating efficiency and planning.

Specify Financial Terms of Contracts

For deals or individual licenses within transactions, set the cost of licensing usage and establish a revenue distribution scheme that precisely calculates shares for transaction participants and copyright royalties

Import Royalty Reports from Licensees

Under licensing agreements, buyers report resales or usage of acquired content. 

Enter report data into the system using the XLS report import mechanism.

4. Engage with Customers

Share Files and Documents

Upload master-copies, documents, and various files to content items, deals, and licenses. Grant access to partners based on business process configurations or share access links.

Boost Sales through Marketplace

Showcase your catalog on the marketplace, enabling worldwide customers to find content with specific rights and inquire about licensing terms.

Efficient Task and Approval Management

Generate tasks for your team, track progress, utilize task and approval templates, and invite collaborators for seamless teamwork.


Accelerate Contracts Signing

Start on Digital Transactions
and Engage with Counterparties Online

 Unlock the potential of MediaRights Revolution: easily create deals from templates, navigate agreement approvals with teams and partners, manage financial terms, and calculate payouts, even for intricate multi-tier distribution schemes. Empower yourself for successful outcomes!

Follow the Planned Path

Take advantage of deal, license, and financial term templates for time-saving and error-free operations.

Customize the approval process and empower process participants to make changes and provide comments.

Supervise document changes history in tasks and approvals. Examine earlier versions and review discussions for full process control.

Business Processes and Templates

Configure Financial Conditions

Storing of Business Data


from 45 min.

Implementation expertize

Book online-demo of MediaRights Revolution

We'll introduce you to the platform, enabling you to assess its functionality and understand how MR2 can enhance your business.

Снижайте операционные расходы

Automated Calculations
and Consolidates Reporting

Most of a media company's business processes involve routine operations related to rights verification, generating reports for partners, and internal reporting for planning and performance analysis. MediaRights Revolution automates these tasks, optimizing human resource utilization for enhanced efficiency.

Rights reporting

The rights availability report significantly saves your time in content selection for clients and can be integrated with broadcasting systems

Check rights expiration dates using a specialized report and receive automatic notifications.

Present your achievements to top-management through the rights sales report. Provide partners real-time data

Analytical reports

Configure and use reports for various tasks and clients, accessing real-time information. Generate reports for each of your companies.

Analytics across various dimensions: IPs, deals, counterparts, projects—enabling efficient business planning.

Intelligent royalty report importing tool and the ability to export analytical reports in various formats.

Попробовать бесплатно

1. Визуализация прав

Контролируйте права при помощи удобного интерфейса. 

MediaRights Revolution дает полную картину актуальных прав!
Не тратьте время на рутину, наслаждайтесь удобством.

Автоматизация расчетов

Забудьте о неделях, проведенных над расчетами долей

для выплат правообладателям.
MediaRights все сделает за вас в течение нескольких минут!