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Copyright registration and metadata management

Version control of files and documents, access management to files.

Selling licenses for merchandise production and co-branding via a marketplace.

Management of approvals in character development and licensing

Control of usage and payments based on detailed reports from licensees

Ready-made contract templates and digital deals with e-signing

Easily monetizing characters

Register the rights to created characters and control their use and payments.

Develop new franchises and find co-producers for their launch by posting offers for rights sales in the marketplace.

Collaborate with studios and agencies, sign licensing agreements, and explore new partnership opportunities.

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Authors, Artists, Producers

Animation studios, Brands owners

Licensing agencies, Independent agents

Manufacturers of goods, service providers

How much time and money will implementation require?

Implementation timeline depends on:
  • The number of company divisions

  • The volume of imported data (catalogs, reports)

  • The complexity of business processesin your company

  • The Integration requirements with your systems


Start working in the system immediately after registration using standard data import templates

The cost of implementation and usage depends on:
  • The number of platform users within your company

  • The quantity of data import templates: catalog import templates, transaction history templates, and royalty report import templates (from various licensees)

  • The extent and complexity of integrations


Explore the platform's usage expenses and pricing for supplementary services.

Platform pricing

We support creative industries and offer the best-in-market functionality at a low cost.
Try and discover how MediaRights Revolution makes your business more efficient.

Authors, Digital content creators
from $10 per month

Organize contracts and finances.

Store releases and register your rights.

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Companies of Film industry
from $150 per month

Automate rights management, calculations,

and boost turnover. Reduce operational costs.

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Our company experts will facilitate a turnkey implementation of MediaRights Revolution within minimal timeframes. Throughout our collaboration, we'll stand by your side, aiding in adaptation and transformation, providing training, and ensuring qualified support

Why do you need MediaRights Revolution?

The MediaRights Revolution platform provides rights holders and licensees with the ability to automate and control most tasks when working with franchises. Gain full control and increase the efficiency of interaction between process participants.


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