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Shares and transparency

Assessment of the shares of rights to the results of intellectual activity with several sources of financing. Transform the music business and film production with MediaRights Revolution.

When music is being recorded or a movie is being shot, money is needed for production and marketing. Moreover, there is significantly more for marketing. And if in music, theoretically, something can be solved by connections on radio stations, then in the film industry sales are achieved only by advertising, you need to tease wherever possible, and this is a considerable budget.

Budgets in the entertainment content industry are issued in different ways and by different organizations. Sometimes they are banks, sometimes private investors, sometimes a Cinema Fund ("Federal Fund for Social and Economic Support of Russian Cinematography").

What do they get for their money? – A share of the rights to the result.

The share may be for all rights, or it may be a share of sales of a certain type of rights.

Every investor wants to get an accurate report – how the invested funds were spent, what share of the rights they receive for their money, how much money they earned through various methods of use (cinema rental, digital sales, for the production of licensed goods with movie/cartoon characters) and what share of the money earned by the publisher they are owed.

Let's face it - every company in the media market conducts accounting differently. They make reports for co-producers and copyright holders, some monthly, some quarterly, and some once a year. But, almost always, with some delay, because it is necessary to process incoming reports, count sales for each object of intellectual property, taking into account the method of use.

Such calculations take from one day to a month of work of a dedicated specialist, especially if there are many sites, the content catalog is large, and the distribution conditions for counterparties are different.

Delays are a minus for someone, a plus for someone. Plus for those who can wrap this money, minus for those who are owed. This is the market. But delays are regulated by the terms of payment in the contract. But errors in calculations are already the payer's problem.

How will Media Rights Revolution help?

You can enter into transactions for the purchase of rights and transactions for the sale of rights. If the user of the system is specified as a counterparty in such a transaction, then the transaction will be visible to both the seller and the buyer. That is, all the terms of the transaction – the list of licensed products, the methods of use under licenses, the characteristics of the methods of use, such as territories or formats available under the license, financial conditions (how the payment is calculated under the license, and how it is distributed among the copyright holders) – all this will be visible to both parties involved in the contract. To be more precise, the one who creates the transaction in the system can configure the access of another counterparty to the transaction.

Thus, as soon as the transaction receives a usage report from the site, payments are automatically calculated according to the financial conditions for the licenses of this transaction and all participants in the transaction see the financial report on the debts. The correctness of this calculation can be checked by looking at the distribution scheme of finances in the license.

Producers and companies investing money in production, licensors, copyright holders will be calm, controlling their income. Distribution companies will get rid of the headache when calculating payments and will be able to calculate not only based on the reports of the sites, but also check the correctness of such reports.

The platforms will be able to integrate the system with a playout or players, and viewing reports will be immediately available in the contract with the distributor.

It remains to finish with the words of Moliere – "Who won time, he won everything."

Fill out the questionnaire or send an application in a way that is convenient for you, and we will provide you with demo access to the MediaRights Revolution platform so that you can evaluate its capabilities for your business.

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