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Single-user account

File storage 500 Mb

Catalog of up to 25 IP assets

Up to 10 licensing contracts

Generate fresh content
and oversee it



Single-user account

File storage 1 Гб

Catalog of up to 100 IP assets

Up to 25 licensing contracts

Make deals
and monitor payments

$25/ month


Automate licensing
and reduce expenses


$150/ per month

Multi-user account

File storage - 10 Gb/user

Unlimited number of objects in the catalog

Unlimited amount of licensing contracts

 for user

Subscription plans

Start the trial period right now! 

Payment card information is not required for account registration.

MediaRights Revolution
plans and pricing

How much time do you spend on preparing terms for licensing deals, generating reports for rights holders, and calculating payouts from incoming reports from licensees?

Automate your work with MediaRights Revolution
and reduce operating costs several times!

How much time and money will implementation require?

Implementation timeline depends on:
  • The number of company divisions

  • The volume of imported data (catalogs, reports)

  • The complexity of business processesin your company

  • The Integration requirements with your systems


Start working in the system immediately after registration using standard data import templates

The cost of implementation and use depends on:
  • The number of platform users within your company

  • The quantity of data import templates: catalog import templates, transaction history templates, and royalty report import templates (from various licensees)

  • The extent and complexity of integrations


Explore the platform's usage expenses and pricing for supplementary services.

To estimate the implementation cost, please answer the questionnaire:

Fill out the form

Order complete setup

Our company experts will facilitate a turnkey implementation of MediaRights Revolution within minimal timeframes. Throughout our collaboration, we'll stand by your side, aiding in adaptation and transformation, providing training, and ensuring qualified support.

The cost of additional services, implementation work, and platform customization services to meet clients' needs.

Extra services

Importing the catalog of IP assets.

Upload your catalog with the standard template or order customization to match your format.

Standard import template

$400 per template

Import of royalty reports

Each licensee sends you usage reports in a different format. You can bring them to a standard form and load them into the system, or order customization of import templates for each format.

Standard import template

$400 per template

Debt distribution templates for transactions

Set up royalty distribution templates according to rights holders' shares to automate payout calculations. You can handle it yourself or entrust it to us.

Template creation wizard

from $150 per template

Financial reports

Every company has requirements for the format of internal financial reports. We prepared various reports that suit everyone, but ready to customize unique ones for you."

Consolidated financial report

- By intellectual property assets

- By deals

- By counterparties

- By projects

- By company divisions/legal entities

$350 per report

Radio broadcasting monitoring

We are able to recognize what was aired and when. Without limiting the number of recognized objects, simply collect statistics on all tracks for which you have rights or license obligations.

$200/month per 1 channel

TV broadcasting monitoring

The same as with radio stations, but with video content. And also without any limit on the number of recognized items.

$300/month per 1 channel

Internet-streaming monitoring

Connect streaming channels to monitoring and record the appearance of your content.

$1/per hour 

Creating a digital fingerprint of an intellectual property object

In order to monitor broadcasts or streams, you need to prepare a fingerprint of the work

$0,2 for audiofile under 10 min.
$5 for 1 hour of video

Extra storage space

Do you need to store master copies of music or films, or do you want to deposit your works? Purchase additional storage space at the lowest price on the market

$12 per 1Tb/month

Cloud transcoding

When you need to provide clients with a copy of music or audiovisual content in the required format or require personalized watermarking for screenings, use automatic cloud transcoding.

Audio – $0.003
SD – $0.007

HD – $0.012

UHD – $0.025

Integration with third-party systems

Accounting systems, broadcasting planning systems, advertising systems. The integration cost depends on various factors. Usually, we calculate the cost based on the time expended, measured in man-days.



Customizing by request

In some cases, clients want to have additional features.

We are ready to assist with that.



The Marketplace makes selling licenses easy and simple. Publish your catalog, receive requests to purchase rights and carry out approvals directly from the back office.

Free catalog listing on the marketplace

Integration of the marketplace into the customer’s website - $1000

Export to DDEX

The DDEX export module is necessary for professional participants in the music market to upload their catalog to digital platforms.

Free catalog listing on the marketplace

Integration of the marketplace into the customer’s website - $1000

Free of charge

Customization service

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