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MediaRights Revolution 
Meeting business needs

Tons of functions in a smart unified platform! Shift your focus to strategy, as the platform takes care of operational tasks."

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IP Protection

Effortlessly establish intellectual property rights. Record co-author shares. Centralized registration and international cooperation with copyright societies will assist you in protecting your rights.

Rights clearance

Select assets for complex projects, such as related rights objects (songs, multimedia projects, performances). Gather information about rights holders. Assess the availability of rights, purchase licenses, and incorporate its into your project.

Royalty calculation and collection

MR2 automatically calculates rights shares, records contractual obligations, and tracks the usage of your intellectual property by other system participants. This ensures fair payments.

Producer's work

Rightsholders and authors search, efficient share management, automatic royalty calculation, and precise sales tracking. This reduces time consumption, eliminates errors, and ensures fair revenue distribution.


MR2 provides license agreement management and automation through agents to optimize revenue. Utilize the marketplace as a sales and content distribution tool to reach a maximum audience.

Working with distributors and DSP

Receive reports when interacting with distributors and platforms directly within the system. Forgot about errors in reports and metadata, as well as royalty losses due to distributor and platform data inaccuracies. Ensure transparency and fairness in revenue distribution.


Rights holders search and rights transfer

The platform stores information about thousands of rightsholders and various types of content rights, streamlining the search and access to this data. MR2 allows for the transfer of rights between parties, facilitating online contract creation with minimal bureaucracy.

Interacting with clients

From finding a client to contract signing, MR2 saves employees' time. Flexible approval scenarios and document templates speed up interactions between parties. Royalty calculation and payouts are automated and reduce your spends for accountancy.

Music business


Effortlessly list your content catalog on marketplaces, receive orders through a single interface, and streamline reporting. Create personalized showcases for productive interactions with licensees.

Digital Service Providers (DSP)

Streamline content delivery to digital platforms or establish your aggregator using MR2. Effective metadata management, content uploads in DDEX and other formats, cloud transcoding, and preview copy generation simplify interactions with DSPs.

License Usage

Public performance

Increase sales at your retail spaces and restaurants using music without additional expenses on copyright royalties. MR2 provides access to music catalogs with cleared rights, allowing you to create ambiance and attract customers without extra costs.


Discover and acquire movie licenses for theatrical distribution based on various criteria such as genres, actors, box office performance, and audience ratings. Integrate MR2 with your booking system and leave behind the hassle of reporting to rights holders.

TV and Radio Broadcasting

Broadcasting companies license content for airing and synchronization. Utilize MR2 for broadcast scheduling and media asset management to prevent errors in the broadcasting grid. Rights reservations and withdrawal after airing help avoid conflicts.

LIcensed merchandise production

Discover licensable franchises on the marketplace. Interact directly with rightsholders and conduct online license approvals for future products throughout all stages of production: design, prototype, release. Reduce total operational costs with MR2.

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