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Import/export of catalogs and
convenient metadata management

Electronic licensing transactions

and license management

Selling licenses for the use of works
through a marketplace

Distribution of content
to all global music platforms

Receiving payments based

on detailed reports from licensees

Unlock the Power of MediaRights Revolution

Secure your rights to your creations in MediaRights Revolution and track sales, usage, and royalties worldwide.

Sell licenses through marketplaces, and MR2 will ensure your rights information is always up-to-date.

We collaborating with international copyright societies, while our users keep receiving royalties.

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Authors, Artists and Rightsholders

Music labels, Publishers 

and Producers

Distributors, Aggregators

and Audiostocks


Digital platforms

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Which benefits are provided by MediaRights Revolution?

In your quest to conquer business challenges, you've juggled multiple services, wasting precious time assembling the puzzle of rights and financial data. But imagine a different approach – a single platform, a powerhouse of features. Introducing MediaRights Revolution, your all-in-one solution to streamline tasks and maximize efficiency.



Exciting new possibilitied
for your music business!

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Our company experts will facilitate a turnkey implementation of MediaRights Revolution within minimal timeframes. Throughout our collaboration, we'll stand by your side, aiding in adaptation and transformation, providing training, and ensuring qualified support

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For a growing company, it's crucial to expand business without increasing operational costs.

MediaRights Revolution provides the opportunity to eliminate routine tasks and gain full control over all business processes.

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