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First Russian licensing marketplace for TV channels

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Press release "" about the licensing marketplace Rightscreen

Rightscreen – is a licensing marketplace that shows information about the rights availability to whole media content. The platform allows you to find and license media content for its inclusion in the program network of a TV channel or VOD library, as well as manage license contracts.

This is the first such publicly available showcase that combines the interests of copyright holders and distributors and licensees on one platform, which allows "automatically calculating financial obligations under schemes of any complexity and the share of copyright holders based on royalty reports."

The marketplace uses an ERP system as a back office (ab. MediaRights Revolution), which allows you to store and process data on license contracts that are critical for the company's work: calculate the volume of available rights, financial obligations to copyright holders, and even negotiate transactions.

Other features of Rightscreen include the formation of chains of rights, license control, the formation of reports on the availability of rights, expiration, financial reports, etc. The system is able to integrate with external systems – accounting, document management and broadcast planning systems.


The Russian licensing marketplace Rightscreen, due to the powerful backoffice – the MediaRights Revolution rights accounting system, is not only not inferior to foreign analogues, but also surpasses them in a number of indicators.

Leave a request on the website and we will be happy to show you all the features of the marketplace.

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