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Royalty reports and royalty calculation. What really matters most in intellectual property management?

We communicate with various rights holders, and they all assert that the main function in the process of managing rights for them is working with reports from DSP and other licensee.

Indeed, several times a month, employees of labels, music publishers and distributors that working with music and video content face hellish work, the accuracy of which depends on how much money the rights holder will receive.

In the media market, there is no single standard for reports, and platforms send usage reports in whatever format suits them best. The rights holder ends up being held captive by the situation - since they are interested in having the platform broadcast their content and pay money.

The staff which responsible for payments to rights holders are compelled to sift through a menagerie of error-ridden reports, devoid of ISRC codes, without accurate performer details, and it's only through their deep familiarity with their own catalogs that they can make sense of these scenarios.

The next stage of calculations: determining shares for payment of royalties and related rights, and distributing earned money.

It's clear that neither labels nor distributors work for free. And the main problem they solve is correct calculations, payments to individuals, including tax payments on their behalf, and bookkeeping.

How can MediaRights Revolution assist you?

First step - import of reports.

The platform knows how to correctly import reports and perform reconciliation of intellectual property objects found in the report (music, movies, etc.) with the company's catalog.

Reconciliation is the process of finding the most likely matches between objects from the report and objects in the catalog. Upon finding such an object, MR2 suggests creating a link between them. By establishing this match for reports from this platform the next time, the system automatically identifies the object.

Second step - calculations and reporting. Upon receiving a report, MediaRights Revolution, according to existing records of rights holders' shares and distribution schemes set up for purchase/sale contracts, automatically calculates the amounts to be distributed to each transaction participant (or rights holder), takes into account taxation, and for each counterparty generates a financial report. The calculation mechanism supports any complex formulas, such as royalty payment after setting off the minimum guarantee amount, or, for example, calculating payment for use based on a fixed sum for the entire licensed volume during the period and the number of plays for each object. At the same time, you see the calculation scheme and the history of the origin of each calculated amount in the report.

MediaRights Revolution, royalty distribution scheme

Save your time with MediaRights Revolution. If you feel that calculations are taking too much of your time, ask us for help and we'll get rid of the routine and prevent mistakes for you.

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